ScotLitFest – Collaborative Crime Creation

On Sunday 26th June #scotlitfest will be hosting the Collaborative Crime Creation on Twitter. We hope it’ll be like nothing Scottish crime fans have seen before.
We’ve asked a number of Scotland’s best crime writers to spare 15 minutes of their time to contribute to a collaborative piece of crime writing which will be created live on Twitter. To give our writers something to work with ScotLitFest will ask the public to name the protagonist, decide where in Scotland the story will begin and what the crime will be. From there it’s all up to the writers…
Louise Welsh will be kicking off the creation at 12pm on the Sunday and begin the story with the #SLFcrime hashtag. After 15 minutes she will stop and the next crime writer will pick up the story where she left off. After their 15 minutes of live writing on Twitter, the next writer will pick it up and so on until we have a full (and no doubt interesting!) piece of crime writing.
If you can’t follow the whole thing on Twitter during the day do not worry! We will be gathering all the tweets together and making them into a free ebook so you can read the piece in its entirety.
The first confirmed participants are…
Louise Welsh | Mason Cross | Douglas Skelton | Lesley Kelly
All #ScotLitFest events are free to ‘attend’, all you need is an internet connection and you can join us! Sign up on Eventbrite for the latest information straight to your email.